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Court Reporters of Louisiana, LLC is proud to offer our clients the capability to access transcripts, view invoices and even schedule reporters for a deposition right from our website!


SCHEDULE depositions online. Click on [Customer Login] to view a free demonstration. First time users can click on “Schedule a Proceeding” to schedule a deposition without a password. Current customers can use their designated password to log in. Unregistered guests can use the provided name and password to view a full online demonstration.


MANAGE your deposition schedule online. Easy access to your deposition schedule, confirm time, date and place; cancel, reschedule or schedule new depositions.


ACCESS transcripts instantly, anytime, anywhere in the world using the Transcript Repository. Download virus-free E-transcripts that are security checked each time an E-transcript is opened.


SAFE AND SECURE data is sent from our site to your computer encrypted and 100% secure using Thwarte; User ID and password protected.


SEARCH by witness, date, caption or case number. No time limit.


VIEW and download unpaid invoices, totaling deposition costs per case.


SAVE money because there is no software to purchase; no added cost. Save mailing fees, storage space and time.

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NO special

software needed