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RealTime Reporting

In Realtime reporting, a court reporter uses a wireless or serial connection to laptops being utilized by attorneys, their trial team, or the court on-site. As CRLA realtime reporters write the transcripts, they appear in English on a linked computer screen. Realtime reporting is used during depositions and/or trials so that attorneys and their litigation staff can get an instant feed of the court reporter’s transcript to enable them to more efficiently prepare their cases and witnesses, and represent their clients more effectively.Rough or “dirty” ASCIIs and Daily Copy final transcripts of depositions and court testimony are available upon request.

Realtime software programs including Reallegal® iBinder™, LiveDeposition® and Summation™ enable the capture of the live deposition transcript feed from the court reporter. If you wish to use realtime and do not have one of the software programs listed above, our realtime reporter can assist you with a free download which will enable you to receive a realtime feed to your laptop. Realtime reporting is convenient and cost effective.


In addition to seeing the transcript text, the attorney and remote attendees can also:

• Start and stop text scrolling

• Create and find annotations and quick marks

• Mark a line of transcript with an issue

• Conduct full text queries across multiple transcripts in full text

• Run reports in full text

• Search previous testimony while viewing ongoing testimony