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Video Conferencing

We offer video conferencing and deposition services via allows court reporters, court reporting agencies and legal teams to stream real-time video depositions across the globe, with just a few clicks of a mouse. Requiring NO downloads,’s web-based video deposition solution is the ultimate tool for court reporters to broadcast – in real-time – the audio, video and text from live depositions to anyone, from anywhere, at anytime. has proved itself to be a hassle-free way to stay connected, allowing court reporters, court reporting agencies, paralegals, industry experts and legal teams to streamline the litigation process and conduct real-time depositions and online meetings.

•  Participate in depositions via your laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device

•  Save time and money on travel

•  Secure and Reliable

•  Share exhibits

•  Group/Private chats avaialbe online during depositions

•  Search transcript by key word

Live Conferencing

made simple and secure.


NO special software needed

Experience  the Power of Realtime Streaming Depositions